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We believe that each of us should be allowed to plan his or her own future. We believe that individuals have the right to deal with their own problems. This can be done individually or by working with others in a peaceful and honest way. We reject the initiation of force by anyone, including government.

Today our government uses force, or the threat of force, to achieve most of its goals. Repeated failures by our government have shown us that this is not a practical approach. We also believe that this use of force is immoral.

We seek a world in which voluntary cooperation replaces force in human relationships. We recognize that such a world cannot be achieved overnight. We have identified several important issues which are topics currently in the political spotlight. In each case, we believe there are substantial changes that could be made to move toward our goal -- replacing aggression and force with peace and cooperation.

The United States was never referred to as a democracy until the twentieth century. It was generally referred to as a republic. It still is by those who are knowledgeable. A study of the founders will bear that out. The word "democracy" is in neither the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence.

The United States is not supposed to be ruled by the majority. It is designed to be ruled by law, with the Constitution as the basis for that law.

There are a number of things that we can do to restore the rule of law. Mainly it will require that we study the Constitution, and realize its meaning.

Against Censorship For Privacy

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