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Truth in Campaigning

What They Say

It's another campaign season and the candidates for nomination are trotting out the same old worn out promises and cliches that we've seen in election after election for many years.

Most of the Republicans all say they'll help the president do his job. That's not in the job description for a congressman. We elect a president to fulfill a certain role and our congressmen to fulfill a different role. A congressman should not place himself in subservience to the president.

Everybody talks about cutting taxes and at the same time increasing services. Who're they kidding. They can't have it both ways.

A favorite promise is to push for limited federal government powers. Past experience indicates that there's no interest among elected and appointed officials in seeing it happen. If past promises had been kept, Washington would be a ghost town.

Then there's the promise to "Vigorously pursue federal assistance to improve transportation and infrastructure issues...". Nine billion dollars were appropiated in 1992 to beef up international bridges and highways near the Mexican border. This was done in anticipation of passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Commercial traffic has increased to the point that Texans must take measures to relieve traffic congestion on the Interstate Highway System. State Highway 130 should be wholly a federal project.

As usual, Democrats are confused between civil rights and unalienable individual rights.

If a prescription drug plan is to be administered like basic Medicare, I don't think we can afford it. The more social programs of this type that are created, the costlier drugs become.

The guy who says he's pro-Second Amendment and goes on to say we should enforce gun laws currently on the books is talking out of both sides of his mouth. What the Second Amendment says is that anyone can own and carry arms. It does not allow a person can use arms to bring harm or loss to his fellow man. That should be the focus of gun control.

What They Don't Say

The main purpose of most officials is to perpetrate their positions in office, whether elected or appointed.