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Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to become involved. And all of them can even be a lot of fun for all. There's one good thing about volunteering. You're not required to give two weeks notice before your resignation takes effect.

Hold a Rally.

Rallies can be held anywhere. A city park would be suitable if the weather's nice. It might be best to reserve a pavilion if possible. The main idea here is to give the candidate an opportunity to meet with the voters in their communities al little or no cost. Voters would be offered the opportunity to volunteer to help with the campaign.

Host a Fund Raising Dinner.

This is best done in a restaurant with a meeting room. Perhaps the attendees would simply be asked to pay for their own meals, and donations would be requested during the speech. Dinners might even be held in private homes.


You might canvass your own neighborhood or people around the courthouse square. Collect addresses for mail lists. Offer campaign materials.


Call your friends and acquaintances. Tell them there's a different kind of hoss running in this race.

Volunteer as Campaign or Finance Chair.

Or offer to help them. Ask what you can do. Tell them what you can do.

Make a Financial Contribution..

That's a subtle way of saying send money. A dollar in an envelope is just as welcome as a $500 check. And I will be just as grateful. And I promise to use it wisely. You're not required to live in the district, or even the state to donate.

Contact Me.

Phone, write, or email. The addresses and numbers are at the bottom of this page. Suggestions and critiques are always welcome.