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Child Support and Custody

I offer a viable solution to the problems associated with separation and divorce that are so prevalent.

The usual procedure in a divorce action is that one parent obtains primary custody of children and both parents are to provide for the support of the children. This so often breaks down to the point that children fail to receive access to the love of the non-custodial parent, and also the financial support to which they are entitled.

A solution then, is for each divorced parent to share the responsibility for child rearing on an absolute equal basis. This model is based on the traditional practice of one parent having physical custody of the children, and the other providing financial support. The only difference is that the custody arrangements change every year and child support becomes more manageable. The children actually move into the other parents home, probably each July 1.

Child support amounts would be based on the difference of the ability of the parent to pay and would only be paid by the non-custodial parent in the years that he/she does not have physical custody.

In most cases the children would be required to change schools each year. Children are resilient, and can adapt to a new school each year much easier than they can adapt to the the losses they suffer under the present system.

Both parents tend to be more cooperative with this arrangement, since they know that the tables are turned each July 1. This model should be the starting point in all child custody cases. Modifications should be determined in the cases of unfit parents, living conditions, etc.

There is a precedent to a divorce of this type. Both parents respect each other and both are active in the life of the child who is now 22. She was seven when the parents separated.

The Divorce Decree is Cause Number 87-06-01960. It was decreed in The County Court at Law No. 1 of Montgomery County, Texas on October 19, 1988.