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A Message to Voters

Clark Simmons
Campaign Headquarters
Round Rock, Texas

Dear Voter,

During the 200 plus years that the United States has existed, it became the most prosperous nation in history. Its people enjoyed more liberty that enabled self-determination that was thought to be impossible. The United States became a role model, and a symbol for all people of the world.

Since I went on-line in the late 1980s, several things have become very apparent. Some of the things I've noticed are:

Government has grown to a gargantuan size.

Legislation is being cranked out in voluminous proportions. Regulatory agencies are being created to intrude more and more into our private lives. The costs of the administation of these agencies often exceed any possible benefit they could possibly have.

The national debt is out of control.

Government spending is occurring as if there is an unlimited source of revenue. The American taxpayer has just about reached the limit. The taxpayer MUST commence to retain more of his/her earnings.

If I am elected, I will do the following:

I will uphold the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas.

I will not support any legislation that is not in full compliance with them. Further, I will not support any legislation without a full personal understanding of it.

I will be ever mindful that all monies spent by the government come from us, the taxpayers.

The awesome trust placed in any elected official should always be taken seriously. I will always remember that for every $1 billion spent by the government on a national scale, the cost to each household is $10, more or less. A few billions here, and a few billions there, and the first thing we know, we're talking about real money.

Very truly yours,
Clark Simmons