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The War on Terrorism

On September 11, 2001, the United States was viciously attacked by terrorists claiming loyalty to an ideology rather than to a foreign power. Americans immediatly began to mobilize for war. Military reserves were called up. New appointments were made by government to deal with it. Airport security was beefed up. Tens of billions of dollars were immediately earmarked for this effort.

Is it enough? Many say no.

Should Aircrews Be Armed?

The Air Line Pilots Association is demanding that pilots be allowed to carry firearms. On November 27, 2001 John O'Brien of the ALPA testified in Congress on the need to arm airline pilots. His statement is included here as a Page Link in its entirety.

An Unused Resource.

It's admirable that attention is given to airline security, but the rest of America remains at risk. Little if anything is being done to protect our power grids, water supply systems, commercial and medical centers, state and local government offices, seaports. We remain at risk to terrorist infiltration even on our land borders.

Mr. Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily proposes a possibe solution that might merit consideration. There are tens of millions of Americans who own personal firearms. Most of them would be willing to spend a few hours each month or so just keeping an eye on our more vulnerable institutions that might be targets of terrorist attacks. His views are included here as Page Link "Arm Yourselves Americans".


The United States Department of State has named seven governments that sponsor terrorism. They are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan. Here's what they say about Cuba in the published "Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism".

"Cuba continued to provide safehaven to several terrorists and US fugitives in 2000. A number of Basque ETA terrorists who gained sanctuary in Cuba some years ago continued to live on the island, as did several US terrorist fugitives.

Havana also maintained ties to other state sponsors of terrorism and Latin American insurgents. Colombia's two largest terrorist organizations, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation Army, both maintained a permanent presence on the island."

There is a Page Link to the published "Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism".

If the Cuban people can reject tyranny the island can rejoin the community of free nations.