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The United Nations

The Provisional Secretary-General of the United Nations at its founding was an American Communist named Alger Hiss. He was subsequently tried and convicted for perjury for lying about it. As Secretary-General, he oversaw the writing of ithe United Nations Charter.

In 1946, a post was created in the UN called the Under-Secretary-General for Political and Security Council Affairs. The U.S. Secretary of State entered into an agreement with the Soviets that the person appointed to that post would be appointed by the Soviet Union.

Let's consider the Korean Conflict that was conducted under the banner of the UN. Hostilities ended with a shaky truce. The North Korean perpetrators were allowed to remain in power. North Korea is still a threat to world peace. Am I the only person in the world that has considered that Gen. Douglas MacArthur may have been fired from New York?

And Viet Nam? I find it hard to believe that the most formidable military force in the world could lose South Vietnam to the North. And Lebanon? Somalia? Haiti? Iraq? The Balkans? And on and on? We've spent a fortune in resources and blood in the name of the UN and nothing's been settled. It takes an honorable victory to win peace. The UN is obviously more interested in coddling tyrants than removing the threats that enabled their actions in the first place.

A bill, HR 1146, has been introduced in at least the last two sessions of Congress to get the United States out of the United Nations. You can bet that one of my first actions if elected, will be to sign on as a co-sponsor.