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The events of September 11, 2001 has caused us to review our immigration policies but they're still problematic

I agree with what Representative Ron Paul (TX-14) said in his Texas Straight Talk weekly column on January 7, 2002:

"Immigration policy must now be considered a matter of national security. America has the same sovereign right to defend itself against enemies when the enemy attacks us from within. Common sense tells us that we currently should not be admitting aliens from nations that sponsor or harbor terrorists, or from nations with whom we are at war. There were many fine German-Americans in the U.S. during World War II, but we certainly did not allow open immigration from Germany until hostilities had ceased and loyalties could be determined. While we generally should welcome people from around the world whenever possible, we cannot allow potential enemies or terrorists to enter the country now under any circumstances.

"We also must do a better job keeping track of the noncitizens who already have been admitted to America. Individuals who remain in the country after their visas have expired must be treated as lawbreakers. Remember, only U.S. citizens have the constitutional right to be on American soil; non-citizens are in the country at the discretion of the State department. We should not tolerate lawless behavior or anti-American activities from guests in our country."

I would suggest investigating working with Canada on immigration since their security interests parallel our own. Our biggest problem is with the southern border. We may need to use the military there. Of course, particular attention should be paid to persons entering through ports of entry.

It should not be necessary to close our borders completely. If we can prevent terrorist-minded undesirables from entering in the first place, domestic security would be much more efficient.