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There are plenty of nations in the world that have plenty of oil to sell. For the most part, those nations have no immediate use for it themselves. The United States has become dependent on those foreign reserves. We need to wean ourselves from that dependency, but continue to obtain oil from world markets wherever possible.

It would be desirable to continue exploration of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and other promising reserves. It would not be necessary to develop the reserves as long as production could begin on short notice. As long as other nations are willing to sell their excess, we can conserve ours.

It is imperative that we continually seek and exploit other forms of energy.

Alcohol is one source that might be researched further. One advantage would be that it's renewable. It might be a help to agricultural interests.

Nuclear energy is still viable. I understand that no nuclear facilities have been built for some time and none are planned.

Wind energy is another source that we need to explore.

Solar energy would be especially efficient since it can be harnessed by individuals and sold to power companies.