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Round Rock, Texas, USA

Piano Lessons in Round Rock, Texas, USA

Lillian Simmons is the owner and teacher. She is a native Cuban. She studied piano in her youth for eight years at the International Conservatory of Music and at the Raisa Olivé Musical Institute in Havana, Cuba.

She completed two years of college with an Education major at University of New Orleans.

The studio is located in the Chisholm Valley neighborhood in Round Rock, close to La Frontera.

Member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, Teacher Division of American College of Musicians, USA; and Music Teachers National Association



The True Intrinsic Value of Music Study

The truth is, music's intrinsic values are second to none. We teach a language that begins where all other languages end. Music has the ability to express every nuanced emotion of the human experience. Music's range of expression is almost without limits. Musical sonorities, rhythms and melodies can express the deepest, darkest despair to the most exhilarating, ecstatic joy. Music can quietly share intimate personal feelings and it can trumpet the grandeur of nature's most spectacular creations.
Paul Stewart
President of Music Teachers National Association
American Music Teacher magazine, April/May 2007

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Lillian Simmons

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