piano seat recommendations for a young child

STOOL - Best

The best seat for playing piano is a round piano stool. They are heighth adjustable. They rotate when the pianist plays at the extreme ends of the keyboard. The best kind are all wood and do not have seat padding. Padding deteriorates. But it's not very artistic-looking.

You can see an image at ebay. They're around $100 used on ebay. They're always available. Look in the ebay category Musical Instruments, and then search for Piano Stool. ebay

BENCH - last choice

Another type is an artist's piano bench. It is more artistic or nicer looking than a stool. They are made of wood. But the heighth adjustment is more limited, and they do not rotate with the pianist. They're also more expensive. $400-$500. artist's bench

There is also the non-adjustable regular bench. You can raise then up with a platform on the floor or cushions on the seat. The best cushions are carpet samples, maybe about six of them stacked.

PORTABLE - Second best

The ultra KT216 is the recommended portable model, because it raises higher than most other portables, and has a long seat which is stable. portable

Final words

If you buy a piano, it usually comes with a non-adjustable bench. Not very good for a young child.

If a preschool sibling enjoys playing at the same time as the piano student, he can stand while he plays. Standing at the piano is the recommended position for his age.