Music is a Thing of Beauty, Depth and Character

Music uplifts spirits; it motivates us to be good and to do good. Music conveys the beauty of life. It touches hearts and inspires us. Music reflects our emotions. It allows quiet time to listen and feel as the music flows over us. As we listen, it allows us to get lost in our thoughts. We come away glad to be alive, refreshed and renewed. Our spirits are uplifted and there is a buoyancy and joy to living. This is what music does for me.
Tricia Romriell, Student Affiliate chair.
Austin District Music Teachers Association
Newsletter, September 2008


The research shows that children who make music do better socially and academically. They are more mature, more confident and are even healthier. The tests show they do better in all subjects, and especially in mathematics and thinking in space and time, regardless of other influences in their lives. For more information about the research visit the American Music Conference website at
Now I lLove Music Practice by Ron Ottley, page 9