Summer Music Reading Program

I encourage parents not to have their children take the summer off from lessons. Without lessons, time at the piano becomes almost non-existent for most students. Therefore they go backwards instead of forwards during the summer.

In the Summer Reading Program, each student is challenged to see how many pieces he can complete throughout the summer. With some encouragement, the students may become voracious readers. I'll put up a progress board in my studio so each student can see where he stands against other students.

Each student gets music that is one or two levels below their current level. Yes, the pieces are less challenging....still interesting, but less challenging. In this way, their reading skills are enhanced and, more importantly, their confidence in beginning new pieces increases.

Ultimately, the Summer Reading Program may raise the starting level for each student.

The students' average week of music may be 1-3 Summer Reading Program songs and at least one song at their current level. The program is completely optional. I'll tell the students that the only thing they will get from the program is the ability to read more accurately and quickly.

For the Summer Reading Program I lend the students the books. They return them when they are finished with the pieces from the books. If they really want to keep the books, I sell it to them for half price.

The summer reading program is one or two months in duration. (4.25 weeks or 8.50 weeks). Classes may be scheduled anytime during the summer and with breaks, according to the student's convenience.