How to Clean Piano Keys

Keys should be wiped with a dry cotton rag once a week. Because they tend to collect sweat from fingers. If they are very dirty, you may use a wet cotton rag. Use only plain water. Do not use cleaning solutions on keys. They will dissolve the surface of keys and make them sticky forever.

The keys may be sterilized with bleach. Use a solution of one part of chlorine bleach to ten parts of water and wipe that on the keys with a cotton rag. This is a strong chlorine solution. It will kill everything. My husband recommended this. He is a chemist. Do this once a month at the end of the day so that the fumes will dissipate overnight.

Don't use any products that contain alcohol on piano keys. Piano keys are plastic and the alcohol dissolves solids and makes pits on them, making them sticky forever, or damaged forever. Chlorine bleach does not do that. Bleach does not dissolve solids. Alcohol does dissolve solids.