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Irina Gorin posted in The Art of Piano Pedagogy. Irina Gorin
Carmel, Indiana
May 6 2016
Sorry, I've just read another essay about piano and music from my 9 y.o. student and could not stop myself from posting :) Love my job!

Music In My Life

There are seven billion people in this world, and like the snowflakes in winter and the flowers we are all different. We all have our strengths, we all have our weaknesses. As a little girl I thought music enchanted my heart. I thought and still do think music is a magical story told in song. But the minute I took a glimpse of it - the pearly white keys, the shimmering black singing music to me - I immediately knew I had a connection with it. The look, the touch, the feel and the heart of it told me that piano was the door to music. The joy sprang through my heart and soared throughout my entire body. The majestic grace of life in the piano completely changed me. It was like a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Piano is a word that never loses its charm, fits every definition of superior and is a word that springs hope into my life. Piano is my teacher, joy and most loyal friend. The scales are like a mother’s gentle hand tickling her youngster. The staccato is like a little rabbit leaping for light. The piano makes an impact on every musician with its dashing delight to its staccato suspense. From dramatic pedal prompts to lovable legato, piano can describe anything. Every sheet of music is a story and I believe piano is the perfect storyteller. My mother once told me music is known to bring love to people. This inspired me not only what I get to do what I love so much, but I’d also be able to express myself and make all around me merry. My father once told me anything is possible if you work for it. And my story of music proves it. Thank you for listening to my story.
Nine year old student of Irina Gorin


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