Board of Directors:

Alfonso Gutierrez,

Lillian Martinez Simmons,

David Rosenthal,
Emeritus Writer

Coordinator in Cuba:
Hector Julio Cedeño

Pedro Martori,
Delegado en Canada, por Centro para la Democracia en Cuba de Montreal.


Walter Pine and Thelma Roper

Oswaldo Hernandez


There are groups that would like to have the embargo on Cuba lifted.

Some of these groups wishing for the embargo to be lifted may have the best of intentions. Other groups may not.

As a result and to respond to such activity The Cuba Liberty Project has been formed to counteract this activity. We believe that if the embargo is lifted at the present time it will do nothing but strengthen the Cuban government's repression of the Cuban people and dissident groups.

We are an organization that exists to inform Americans as to the truth of what is taking place within the island.

We also believe that when the time arrives for a major change in government in Cuba, one that leads to a representative and Constitutional democracy that we will be assisting in that change.

It is our belief that the new Cuban republic should have a Jeffersonian type of government. Its constitution will be modeled after the U.S. Constitution with slight changes.

Presently we are working with one of the dissident political parties within Cuba. This dissident party and the Cuba Liberty Project will be working in unison for the eventual change that will be taking place in short order.

Once the change does arrive, we will not only inform Americans, but also we will be acting as a lobbying group so that when change does arrive we can direct assistance to the island.

Of Course we will be lobbying the U.S. Government and will continue to do so in preventing the embargo from being lifted on Cuba until the Castro regime and his cohorts are no longer in power.


We believe that a free economy is what a new Cuban Republic requires to be able to rebuild its economy and governmental institutions as set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Additionally we will be assisting the Cuban people in setting forth a truly free civil society within the island.


Membership is open to anyone who agrees with our positions as cited above particularly maintaning the embargo on Cuba until a major change takes place.

Presently there are no dues that will be required for membership.

Alfonso Gutierrez

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