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Guantanamo Petition

Because the Cuban government has been usurped by a gang of bandits.

Because the Cuban people don't have enough freedom to rebel, since there is no free enterprise and no right of assembly in Cuba.

Because Cuba needs a representative government, and a representative government can be developed if there are free elections.

Because at present all jobs are owned by the regime. And the regime gets reelected because all jobs are owned by it.

Because free enterprise needs to be established in a part of Cuba before there can be free elections.

Because the United States is the beacon of freedom, republic, respect for human rights, and opportunity for all, it needs to take a stand to regain the freedom of Cuba.

Because enabling a territory of Cuba to be a trade partner of the USA would be beneficial economically for both countries.

Therefore, that US businesses be allowed to trade with Cuban territory in Guantanamo, only with businesses that are privately owned, and on property which is not owned or controlled by the regime, and where citizens may assemble without regime surveillance.

Therefore, we demand that the territory within the naval base at Guantanamo be made available to the Cuban exiles, to develop a commercial and economic center, for not only Cuba, but for the Caribbean.

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