Board of Directors:

Alfonso Gutierrez, President

Lillian Martinez Simmons, Secretary

David Rosenthal, Emeritus Writer

Coordinador en Cuba:
Hector Julio Cedeño

Pedro Martori,
Delegado en Canada, por Centro para la Democracia en Cuba de Montreal.

Walter Pine and Thelma Roper

Oswaldo Hernandez

Cuba Liberty Site Award

We give awards for "Cuba Liberty Site". We award a certificate image button to the sites that promote freedom for Cuba excellently. The award button has a link back to our awards page for verification of the award. Our award links page provides a good service for visitors by pointing them to the best sites.

We award it only to sites that are nominated by anybody and submitted to us, and then our judges examine the site and decide if they want to give them the award. This identifies the best freedom pages for Cuba for the benefit of all visitors.

We will set up a Liberty Sites links page listing all the links to the winning sites. We will also list links of potentially worthy nominated pages, but not yet decided upon, in a separate category. We require the nominating party to write an explanation as to why these are worthy freedom sites.

To submit a nomination of a site for the Cuba Liberty Site award, send an email to or
Include a one paragraph explanation for the judges telling why the site is a good site to promote freedom for Cuba.
Also include a one sentence explanation of why the site is a good site to be used as a subtitle below the site link in our awards page.

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