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There are a number of ways to obtain the needed knowledge required for a successful IT career. They range from simply picking up knowledge to formal classroom courses costing thousands of dollars.

You should choose the one that you think will meet your needs. Your personal resources will be a large factor. It is recommended that you research all of your options before choosing.

Formal Classes

Technical schools offer IT training in a formal classroom environment. The courses offered lead to certification. They all should have laboratory facilities to provide a hands on experience. Costs may run into thousands of dollars.

Colleges and universities are usually geared towards a general course of study that leads to a degree. Costs are not as much as technical schools, but course length is much greater.

Self Study

Books for self study are available at bookstores and larger computer stores. Costs are fairly reasonable, and length of the course depends on your own motivation to study.

Depending on the course of study, you may need to network two or more computers. A low end Pentium class computer, purchased used, should suffice for networking to the computer that you normally use.


The e-Learning student is not bound by class schedules, commuting, illnesses, and so on. Studying is not as boring as reading a book, and the student usually measures his/her progress.

Some courses are available on a CD-ROM. Some are quite expensive.

Web Based Training is probably the most effective training available. The cost is very reasonable. Course material is updated on the fly as technology advances.


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