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So, You Want to be an IT Professional?

Set some goals for yourself. Determine the type of environment that you would prefer to work in. Would you like to work in a shop that only accepts carry ins? Would you like to take outside service calls? Or, would you like to work directly for an end-user? Or, maybe for a service company as a resident techie in a customer's office? Do you want to wear a suit or dress more casual? What hours do you want to work?

How well do you deal with stress? Some positions are more stressful than others. Do you work well without immediate supervision, or do you work better as a member of a group? How good are your communications skills? How about your reporting skills? Would you rather work in house or would you prefer field service? Would you mind being on call 24/7 for a week at a time? Do you have a late model car in good repair?

There are usually two paths for advancement. An IT technician can usually switch between them at any point of his/her career. An IT can become a manager, or might be promoted into a technical support position, usually as a specialist on a specific product. The tech support people often spend a lot of time on airplanes and in hotels.

The IT is usually classified as non-exempt, that is, paid by the hour. Overtime can increase the size of a paycheck by a very large amount. ITs are sometimes afforded perquisites offered to salaried personnel. They sometimes receive time off with pay if rest is needed after long hours.


So you want to be an IT pro?

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