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The first rule on salaries is that except for the minimum wage, there aren't any rules. In many cases the difference between high and low are sometimes quite wide. Salaries may vary from one area to another. These reports are based on national U.S. averages.

Typical Salary Ranges by Job Title

This web site gives representative salary ranges by title and geographical location.

Typical Open Positions by Job Title

This web site gives representative open positiobs by title and geographical location..


The most powerful tool employers use to lure new workers into I.T. as a career and/or to entice job changers is salary. Industry trends are projecting a 5-10% increase in salaries annually into the foreseeable future. I.T. job seekers can essentially write their own tickets as employers face upwards of 10% job vacancies within their companies. This explains why I.T. professionals are offered excellent benefits, flexible work arrangements and in some cases company stock. Over 80% of companies employing these professionals offer flextime to their employees with the most highly coveted skills. Roughly 65% are allowed to telecommute and nearly 15% of the would-be I.T. employees are likely to receive stock options.


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Typical Salary Ranges by Job Title

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Positions and Salaries

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