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There are a lot of messages from people who've earned certification and still cannot land a job. This web site is created to offer some tips that may be helpful in a person's quest for gainful employment.

So you want to be an IT professional?

Determine your niche. Decide what positions you qualify for and on the type of position you'd be happy with.

Where are all of the jobs?

Some suggestions about where to look. Some tips on researching available openings.

Your resume

A few tips about how to get yours noticed.


What do you need to know? Where to go to get it.

Your Interview

How to dress. Answering questions, and asking some of your own. Discussing your work history, education, career goals. Negotiating salary, company benefits.


Links to examples of some of the salaries offered.


So you want to be an IT pro?

Where are all of the jobs?

Your Resume

Your Education

The Interview

Positions and Salaries

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