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The TransTexas Corridor Boondoggle
The Round Rock Philosopher - A column about current issues.
A Confederacy of Useful Idiots and Conspirators - Everything you always wanted to know about the New World Order but were afraid to ask.
The Center for Exposing Corruption in the Federal Governmen - Don't miss Bard's commentary on freedom.
The Art of War - by Sun-Tzu - Sun Tzu's timeless classic is extremely accessible to students of Chinese history and culture, as well as to anyone interested in the highly volatile military and political issues of today
The Law (in English),   La Ley (en español),   La Loi (en français) - by Frederic Bastiat ca 1850 - An exceptional treatise on the evils of Socialism. In English, Spanish, and the original French.

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Trans-Texas Corridor
The Round Rock Philosopher
Map of the entire toll road plan
The New World Order
Center for Exposing Corruption
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
The Art of War
The Law    La Ley    Le Loi

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