No More Tax, Stop the Toll Roads

It's not about transportation. It's about revenue.

Boondoggle costs Texans most while politicians corporate friends profit.

"Because there are issues of confiscation of private land, State and National sovereignty and other similar concerns, the Party urges the repeal of HB 3588 authorizing the Trans-Texas Corridor. Further, we urge the removal of all authorization and powers granted the Texas Transportation Commission and the Texas Department of Transportation for the construction and operation of the Trans-Texas Corridor." - Republican Party of Texas Platform says "NO" to Corridor.

In 2003 Governor Perry pushed for passage of HB 3588. It passed unanimously. This disaster was written by Rep. Mike Krusee, incumbent for Williamson County District 52.

"Governor Perry and his friends spent a great deal of time researching ideas to create more revenue" - Texas Transportation Commissioner Ric Williamson, appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to govern TxDOT

The singular focus of the Corridor plan is to generate revenue. It intentionally bypasses urban centers. Those metropolitan areas are left to deal with their own traffic and mobility problems, including access to the Corridor. Perry's plan allows private land to be taken away from its current owner to lease it for commercial, industrial or agricultural purpose.

With only 5,000 miles of toll roads in the United States today, The Trans Texas Corridor is a 4,000 mile plan of supertollways more. The Trans Texas Corridor is the largest engineering project ever proposed for Texas. This statewide network of corridors will cost over $180 Billion dollars.

Negative economic impact for Texas cities and towns. Taking business away from hundreds of Texas communities by limiting traveler access and providing, in its place, State contract concessions that will include gas, food, hotels, stores and more. The approximately 580,000 acres consumed by the Corridor will become State land taken off county and school district tax rolls. Local taxpayers will absorb the difference. Every mile of Corridor will take approximately 146 acres of land off the tax rolls.



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