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A Confederacy of Useful Idiots and Conspirators

The Confederacy of Useful Idiots and Conspirators (hereinafter called the CUIC) consists of all those who knowingly or unknowingly practice a political ideology that will destroy the present world order, and replace it with one that removes all individualism in favor of a forced regimentation sometimes called the "new world order", the "conspiracy", "interpendence", "free trade", "global governance", and various other names.

Who belongs to this confederacy?

At the top are the conspirators. There're just a few of them and they stay in the shadows of power. Most of the CUIC consists of the useful idiots. There're a lot of them. Probably millions.

Who are the conspirators?

They are the leaders of the CUIC and are those who are the movers and shakers in industry and finance. The conspirators consist of only a miniscule fraction of the world's population. Their overwhelming influence is promoted by almost limitless resources.

Who are the useful idiots?

The useful idiots are the followers of the CUIC and are those who generally have never needed to resort to manual labor to subsist. They're usually found in government, education, clergy, publishing, and often in other professions. And those who receive sustenance from government without effort to earn that sustenance.

How does it work?

It's not a question of simplicity nor complexity, but one of duplicity. The conspirators have the ability and resources to place useful idiots in places where the useful idiots can carry out the will of the conspirators. The carrot and stick approach works well here.

If paid enough, the useful idiots will do the will of the conspirators.

How can the CUIC exist without exposure?

Exposure is determined by the media. The media is dominated by useful idiots. And controlled by conspirators. Some of the conspirators have even defected and have attempted to expose the alleged plot. Some have even thought the plot was such a grand idea that it should be made public. And have done so. We just don't hear too much about it.

Wouldn't the conspirators have the most to lose if they succeed?

Not at all. They believe that they will emerge eventually as shepherds once their globalist objectives are reached.

Why do they (the conspirators) bother if they know that their goals will not be reached in their lifetime?

The immediate gains that they receive are worth the efforts that they expend.

Do we need to oppose this conspiracy.

Absolutely! If one wants to look at it as an "us versus them" issue, then there are a lot more non members of the CUIC than there are members. Exposure is their main fear. Truth and education is the key and the weapon.

Where'd this confederacy come from?

It's probably always been around in some form or another. But in 1776 the Illuminati was organized as a fraternity of bankers in Bavaria, Germany. They've been able to gain control of much of the world's trade via economic means.

But does any of this affect me?

You bet it does. How it does depends on whether you are a producer or not.

Ok, I'm a producer. How does it affect me?

You're paying taxes. You're expected to provide the infrastructure that'll facilitate a favorable global trade scheme that provides the profits to the conspirators.

How does my tax money support this confederacy?

The United Nations does not levy taxes directly, although it has plans to do so as soon as people are conditioned to accept taxation. But, the member nations pay dues out of tax revenues that they've levied against their citizens. So, if the U.S. owes $2.3 billions, about $23 of what the IRS gets from you, the UN gets from the U.S.

But isn't the United Nations the world's best hope for peace?

Not at all. The UN Charter contains nothing about ending war. It only advocates force to bring about peace, but that use of force is in itself war.

Isn't an international forum desirable where nations could come together to air their differences and work out solutions to world problems?

If we had some assurances that such a forum wouldn't go beyond that function, yes. It's kind of like having someone in every household in your neighborhood invited in to mediate your family spat.

Interdependence is a fact. Wouldn't it be inadvisable to return to isolationism?

Isolationism is the bogeyman that the CUIC trots out everytime someone voices objection to globalist plotting. In fact, the United States has always had a vigorous and extensive involvement with other cultures.

I keep hearing about the "UN Peacekeepers". What's the concept on that?

They're called "UN Peacekeeping Forces". Whenever the UN feels that military action is warranted, they call upon member nations to provide troops to make up the force. It's much like when any nation goes to a wartime footing. The danger lies in the fact that in all probability, the UN would turn into a military dictatorship. It simply isn't worth the risk.

Who are "The Bildebergers"?

They are a international group of the conspirators who meet about twice a year to lay plans to further their goals. They invite personalities that can be used as useful idiots in their respective fields. They are quite secretive and operate along the lines of organized crime.

What is "The Trilateral Commission"?

Organized in the 1970s, it's a group of about 300 powerful business personalities from Europe, the United States and Canada, and the Pacific Rim.

What about "The Council on Foreign Relations"?

An NGO non-profit organization organized abour 80 years ago, the CFR influences the United States government to enact legislation favorable to their activities. Memembership lists several thousand Americans, mostly Useful idiots.

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