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"Troops of other states have their reputations to gain,
But the sons of the Alamo have but theirs to maintain."
                          Jefferson Davis,   U.S, Sec'y of War

Texas declared independence from Mexico on March 2, 1836.
Until that date Texans were citizens of Mexico. Many Texans had ties to the United States, but some had ties to Mexico. The United States took no official part in the Texas revolution. Anglo and Hispanic Texans fought side-by-side for a Texas that was free of Mexico.

The Treaties of Velasco
The two Treaties of Velasco, May 14, 1836, were to establish Texas' independence from Mexico and establish boundaries between the two nations.

The Treaty of Annexation [Failed Ratification]
U.S. President John Tyler was fearful of growing British interest in America, and on October 16, 1843, proposed annexing the Republic of Texas as a state as soon as possible. The treaty failed ratification in the U.S. Senate on June 8, 1844.

The proposed treaty called for the United States to assume responsibility for the Texas national debt, about $10 million incurred primarily by the Texas' War for Independence. It also provided for ceding of Texas' public lands to the United States.

The Resolution Annexing Texas to the United States
In a message to the U.S.Congress in December of 1844, President Tyler recomended a joint resolution, using the provisions of the failed treaty. The resolution was adopted on February 28, 1844. The resolution was accepted by the Republic of Texas in convention on July 4, 1845.

Included in the resolution was the provision that the State of Texas would retain title to all public lands, and the State of Texas would pay the debts and liabilities incurred as a republic. The resolution also included a provision whereby Texas could create four new states of sufficient population out of the territory that comprises Texas, for a total of five.

"The Republic of Texas is No More"
On February 19, 1846, Texas' President Anson Jones handed over the reins of government to Texas' Governor J.P. Henderson. He concluded the ceremony with these words, "The final act in this great drama is now performed. The Republic of Texas is no more."

The Constitution of Texas
Texas has been under constitutional government since Mexico adopted the Mexican Constitution of 1824. The current Constitution of Texas was adopted in 1876 at the end of Reconstruction.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed on February 2, 1848, ended the war between the United States and Mexico. It provided for the ceding of Upper California, and what is now New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico to the United States. It also established the southern boundary of Texas at the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo), and the United States claims to Texas.

Texas' Ordinance of Secession
On February 2, 1861, Texas seceded from the union and joined the Confederate States of America. The Ordinance of Secession was adopted in convention by a vote of 166-8.


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