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Acceptance by the People of the Republic of Texas

U.S. President Tyler pushed for a fast acceptance of the resolution by the people of Texas. However, Texas President Jones signed an agreement with England and France delaying acceptance for 90 days while a treaty with Mexico was sought.

Throughout Texas mass meetings were held demanding that President Jones call a convention to accept the resolution. On June 23, 1845 Texas' Congress accepted the resolution. The assembled convention accepted the resolution on July 4, 1845 by a vote of 55-1. A referendum on October 13, 1845 passed with a vote of 4,174 to 312.

The U.S. House of Representatives accepted the Texas State Constitution on December 16, 1845 by a vote of 141-16. The U.S. Senate accepted it on December 22, 1845 by a vote of 31-14. U.S. President Tyler signed the act on December 29, 1845, officially making Texas the 28th state of the United States.


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