Board of Directors:

Alfonso Gutierrez,

Lillian Martinez Simmons,

David Rosenthal,
Emeritus Writer

Coordinador en Cuba:
Hcctor Julio Cedeño

Pedro Martori,
Delegado en Canada, por Centro para la Democracia en Cuba de Montreal.

Walter Pine and Thelma Roper

Oswaldo Hernandez


Alfonso Gutierrez
Titusville, Florida, USA
Al Gutierrez, Libertarian and community activist. Past Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Florida, past Chair of Citizens For Fiscal Responsibiliy PAC, past member of the Republican Executive Committee in Brevard, District Secretary for the Republican Party and past precinct committeeman. Present Secretary of the Libertarian Party Of Brevard, Writes a small column for a local newspaper callled For Liberty's Sake analyzing issues with a Libertarian viewpoint. Lights of Liberty Award awarded to him for 2005 by the Advocates For Self Government.

Oswaldo Hernandez
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Was an Escort-Interpreter for the U.S. Department of State for three years (1965-1968) and a Federal Court Interpreter for the U.S. Federal Court in Miami for more than seven years (1968-1975), worked as a contractor for DEA/U.S. Department of Justice from 1996 thru 2004.
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Lillian Martinez Simmons
Round Rock, Texas, USA

Coordinator in Cuba:
H�ctor Julio Cede�o
Havana, Cuba

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