"My fatherland's soil grows green rhumba and it smells of sugarcane"
Virgilio Perdomo

  • A Traditional Cuban Costume
    Several Beautiful Images

  • The Lost City, a nation waiting to be reborn
    Movie by Andy Garcia

  • Open Letter to Uncle Sam

  • The Cuban Contribution
    The Yorktown Connection

  • Cuba is....  English
    Cuba Nostalgia

  • Those Crazy Cubans
    Just nuts about freedom

  • Cuban Family Heirlooms

  • An Eye-Opening Cuban Vacation

  • José Martí

  • José Martí
    Thoughts (in English)

  • A Hijacked Patriot
    Brief bio

  • The Black Doll
    José Martí
    A children's Story on Compassion

  • Three Heroes
    José Martí
    A Children's Story on Liberty (in English)

  • The Two Princes

  • Caribbean Nature Tour
    Devil's Island
    Grenadine, Guadeloupe
    St Lucia
    Virgin Islands

  • Super brief history of Cuba
  • Good for students. In Spanish


  • Cuban Christmas

  • 4th of July - Never Take Liberties For Granted
    by Jorge Maspons

  • Community Pages for Central Texas, USA

  • International Society For A Free Cuba
    Austin, Texas, USA

  • International Front For A Free Cuba
    San Antonio, Texas, USA