What You Can Do

Vote for the ones who will listen to our viewpoint. We need to get the vote out by any and all means. That's the bottom line, votes.
Leon McCaa

Strayhorn is the only gubernatorial candidate with a common sense TTC alternative that will protect our private land, stop secret deals, stop land grab for foreign profits and keep our roads toll free. So if you want to Stop Perry's TTC, Dump Governor Perry, and Vote Strayhorn Nov. 7th.
Texas Toll Party

We need to give Strayhorn as much visibility as possible. Save your children and grandchildren from this boondoggle.
Lillian Simmons

We now have a supply of Strayhorn signs and supplies in Round Rock. We have 4x8 Strayhorn signs and other Strayhorn supplies.
Vangie Sager

To get Strayhorn signs and other Strayhorn supplies in Round Rock, contact Strayhorn volunteers:
Vangie Sager vsager@sbcglobal.net - 632-2308. or
Lillian Simmons lillian.martinez@usa.net - 246-2597

Flyer Distribution

Pass out whatever flyer of your choice you like, dealing with stopping the toll roads. The flyers may deal just with the toll roads, or with any political campaign that opposes toll roads. Print 100 flyers in your printer and then distribute them. You may distribute them door to door or put them in parked cars.

You may also pass them out on Halloween night to parents of trick-or-treaters. You may dress as a grim toller, which is the same as a grim reaper. Grim reaper image.
You may also make a toll booth out of a large appliance cardboard box and display it.

You can find some good flyers in these pages:
Texas Toll Party
Stop Perry Flyer
Carole's flyer

Please let us know what you're doing. We like to hear about it. Send an email to lillian.martinez@usa.net or vsager@sbcglobal.net

Have a Video Showing

Invite your friends over for a home party. Have them view the video Truth Be Tolled. Be sure to give them dinner. This will increase your attendance. You may charge them for the dinner, if you wish. Call them twice, once to invite them and once to remind them. You may borrow the CD from Lillian lillian.martinez@usa.net or Vangie vsager@sbcglobal.net or you may get one at Truth Be Tolled

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