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We have a lot to offer older Americans, even if they disagree with our belief that retirement security should be a private-sector function: greater public safety and an end to inflation are just two of the benefits we can promise.

To GLBT voters, we can promise absolute equality under the law, which many of the candidates who currently receive their votes won't do.

To labor, we can promise an end to statutory and regulatory favoritism toward Big Business, which would mean many more companies competing for their services and thus driving wages up.

To consumers, we can promise that same level playing field, which would mean more companies competing for their trade and thus driving prices down.

To pro-life voters, we can promise an end to government provision of, and/or subsidies for, abortions, as well as removal of the barriers to adoption and foster care that all too often make expectant mothers believe that termination of a pregnancy is the only option.

To members of racial and ethnic minorities, we can promise a dismantling of the statutes, regulations, and taxes which impede their upward mobility.

To small businesses, we can promise a level playing field.

To the poor, we can promise tax relief, greater employment possibilities, an end to the public school system which is inherently geared toward the more affluent, and end to the government intervention into health care which reduces availability and raises prices.

To police officers, we can promise an end to laws which force them to be lifestyle monitors rather than the protectors of lives and property they entered law enforcement to be -- laws which make their jobs even more dangerous than those jobs would be otherwise.

To members of the military, we can promise that we will never view them as mere pawns in geopolitical games, but send them into combat only to protect America and American liberties.

Jeff Daiell

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