I have a history of fighting official corruption and abuse of power.

History of the Toll Road Boondoggle:

In 2003 Governor Perry pushed for passage of HB 3588. It passed unanimously. This disaster, written by Rep. Mike Krusee, incumbent for our district, had 4 main thrusts:

It created Regional Mobility Authorities. RMAs have the power to float bonds to fund toll roads, enhanced power to condemn private property, and the power to use toll revenue to build and operate commuter rail lines. (Krusee is a fanatic for commuter rail.)

It allowed the conversion of existing highways into toll roads.

HB 3588 also authorized the building of a new class of highways called the Trans-Texas Corridor.(T-TC)

Finally, it authorized TxDOT to take up to 20% of the Texas Highway Trust Fund and use it as seed money for for the T-TC.

In 2005 Perry and Krusee passed (again unanimously) HB 2702. It further looted the Highway Trust Fund by increasing the amount of money that can be diverted to the T-TC from 20% to 40%. It also imposed some limits on how existing roads could be converted to toll roads.

What needs to be done:

We need to get rid of Governor Perry and Representative Mike Krusee. With a good elected team, this boondoggle can be reversed. Strayhorn is the only gubernatorial candidate that is adamantly opposed to the TransTexas Corridor.

Folks, We need donations. It takes money to run a campaign. We need to reach as many voters as possible.

Lillian Simmons

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