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The Weather Prophet

The king had a sweetie that lived not far from the castle. One afternoon he decided to visit and it was such a fine day he decided to walk.

Soon after leaving the castle, he met a man riding a donkey. The man said, "I should warn you that the weather's about to turn bad".

"Nah", said the king. "Look, there's not a cloud in the sky. Besides, my weather prophet said that we'll have fair weather all day". And they both went on their way.

Sure enough, the wind kicked up and it began raining. It came a real gully washer and trash mover.

The king summoned the man with the donkey and offered to name him the royal weather prophet. "I should tell you that I don't know anything about the weather. It's my donkey. When his ears lie flat alongside his head, it means that the weather is about to turn bad", explained the man. "And when they stick up straight, we can expect nice weather".

"In that case then", said the king, "I'll appoint the donkey as my weather prophet".

That established the precedent to appoint jackasses to important government positions.


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