Playing Piano

Lillian's Message

Piano playing in an ACOUSTIC piano is a great thing. When one gets familiar with those piano keys and different ways to touch them to get different effects, those keys are like an extension of one's fingers. No, those keys are your fingers. No, they are your body, because when you touch them, the sound comes into your body through your ears, then the sound is in your mind. And for loud notes, your entire body bears down, your arms, your torso sways, feet pushing pedals, your whole body is involved in making the music. And your body is the music. And you are one with that piano. That piano is you. No, you are the piano..

Composer Chopin was an emigrant from Poland in the 1800s. Emigrants leaving their countries because of political turmoil, often feel like their hearts are being torn apart. In the movie "Chopin, Desire For Love" there is a scene which shows how emigrant Chopin felt when he left his homeland Poland, but instead of illustrating it with his heart being torn, it illustrates it with his piano being torn. Go to: Chopin scene


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