Cuba - Petition


Petition to the Congress of the United States of America.
by Pedro Martori

Honorable Members of the Congress :

The present Petition and plight for the Freedom of the Cuban people is one of the most important ones that you might have received in some time. It is our most cherished Agenda and a very staunch conviction that only a FREE CUBA, one that is not ruled by nepotism, despotically and not exploited by a gangster-like family as it is at present and for the last 50 years, should at this very same hour , in time, get at last its FREEDOM and be able to live under a REPUBLICAN form of government AND ruled by true and legitimate elected representatives of the PEOPLE.

We are not stating here all the crimes, violations and abuses of that regime in Cuba during the lapse of these 50 last years. We know that it would be a futile exercise , since all the precedent Administrations of the U.S.A. have been assessed and informed by the Cuban community as well as the USA's Central Intelligence Agency , as well as by other institutions.

The objectives of our PETITION are :

1.0.- To ask for your consensus in eliminating the Interdiction to fight for the Freedom of Cuba under the Law of Neutrality , and support our people's struggle to that end.

2.0.- And under this consensus : To allow our exile community to fight that regime and get support from this administration.

3.0.- To sustain and enlarge the scope of measures to exert pressure on that dictatorship, including the Cuban embargo.

4.0.- to look forward the total liberation of Cuba by any means needed.

All of these points should help to obtain the liberation of Cuba, and establish in that island a new era, a change from the last 50 years of dire and cruelest oppression by the Cuban Communist Party.

Change is also needed for the Cuban People.

This CHANGE in regime would be of much benefit to the American People as well as the Cubans. For the Cubans have been deprived for 50 years of producing freely, of creating wealth freely and of course all the country has been going down the drain because of the State Monopoly in ownership of all means of production, Plantations, Lands, Factories, Services, and Real State sectors, which were confiscated, or nationalized during the first years of the decade 1960-70.

Some $ 2,5 Billion worth of American businesses were stolen by the Cuban Communist Party.

Some $ 4 billion of Cuban properties, businesses and assets were stolen by the Cuban Communist Party.

Cuba was in the 1950s the THIRD TRADING PARTNER of The USA.

From those figures above, you Honorable Members of the Congress of the USA have the scope and perspectives of what a FREE CUBA could mean to American Businesses and Enterprising Community.

Studies by the Cuban Exile Organizations have been made in these last 20 years of those perspecctives from the Economic angle. The destruction that has happened in Cuba during all these years , the lack of FREE TRADE and the neglect by that regime of the needs of the Cuban People , the ruins that can be seen all over , should give the American business Community one prety good idea of the new opportunities that would come ONLY IF CUBA IS A FREE NATION AGAIN.

It's figured out that just in the FIRST five years of Republic and Freedom in Cuba the needs for all kinds of goods, foodstuff goods and machinery, tools, and construction equipment would amount to over $10 billion worth.


If they are free !

THEREFORE : We the Cuban Exile Community , the Exile Organizations , Institutions, Cuban Business entities, and American citizens ask your agreement on this petition , so the Cubans would be allowed to fight for their country and liberate it from the paws of that bloody tyranny.

Very Truly yours ,

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written by Pedro Martori