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by Roberto Pique

I would like to see a Cuba where Cubans can prosper in peace like in Miami.

I think that one of my best arguments towards what Cuba should be like is this. Suppose a Cuban came as a young, undeducated man to US in 1961 like I did and began working in low wages jobs. Working for 40 years in kitchens. Working sometimes a double shift. But if the person was healthy and planned he would have bought a house in a modest neighborhood. Maybe with government help. Maybe the person married another modest earner. They had the children they could afford. Forty-some years later, they are retiring and they have wealth, as they own a house worth hundreds of thousands. They have a modest Social Security income but it is guaranteed and they have health insurance guaranteed as well.

All that because of the stability of our Country that has the resources and the political infrastructure to keep it that way. Can we say that of any other country in the hemisphere except Canada?





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