Cuban Americans For Legal Immigration is an organization is totally against the illegal migration that has been taking place as well the handing out of benefits for which we the tax payer have to subsidize.

Cuban Americans came over from Cuba fleeing political repression. They came legally and had to go through several hoops so that they could enter the United States. It is thus an insult when these illegal migrants are allowed to stay and be rewarded for them not being in compliance with the law with welfare and other benefits when Cuban Americans and other groups had to wait or have been waiting to come to the United States by legal means.

Additionally, Cuban Americans respect the America flag and they have adopted it as their flag as well. Thus when some of these pro-illegal migrant groups raise the American flag upside down with a Mexican flag on top of it, and insult this country then it becomes an insult to all of us who are Americans.

As you can appreciate, not all Spanish speaking people are for illegal immigration and certainly Cuban Americans strongly oppose the granting of benefits to those who came illegally.