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We feature favorite recipes from our friends around the world. The web site began as a project of the Usenet group alt.fifty-plus.friends.

You'll notice that forwarding links are placed on the right hand side of the page near the scrollbar on the newer pages. We use tables to keep the text columns to a width that makes reading easier.

(LC) Lo Carb

The Webmaster was diagnosed as diabetic long after this web site was created. Recipes deemed to be low carbohydrate will henceforth be denoted by a (LC) prefixed to the recipe name.


All pages on this web site may be downloaded and/or printed as desired. Graphic content has been minimized with this in mind.

Submitting Recipes

We invite submissions from all. Besides a recipe or two, we'd like to include a paragraph about what life is like where you live or perhaps something about the recipe. Perhaps occasions when it is traditionally served would be interesting.

Your Email address and home page address would be nice, but it's not mandatory. We'll include it on the individual recipe page only at your request. We do insist that you tell us what country you're in, or if you prefer, the country that the recipe comes from.

We request that recipes be submitted in plain text as an Emai or Email attachment to Webmaster. The Webmaster will not open a file with .exe, .com, .bat, or .doc extentions.

Don't hesitate to offer a submission if your English is less than perfect. We find that charming.

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