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About The XLData Net

The XLData Net began as The Republic BBS on January 1, 1992 in Round Rock Texas USA. It was moved to New Orleans Louisiana after a few months of operation, then to Chicago Illinois in May of 1995. In December of 1995, it was moved back to its original location in Round Rock.

The XLData Net is supported mainly by the resources of the Webmaster. We offer several commercial activities that help defray the costs of maintaining the website. We offer a bookstore in association with Amazon.com and web design service.

The XLData Net supports freedom of speech. Please notice that the background of this page, the home page and several other pages are black. They will remain black while the Constitution of the United States remains at risk. While The XLData Net does in fact support freedom of speech, we reserve the right to refuse to propagate data that is inappropiate. Advocacy of unlawful activities and pornography fall into that category.

Your patronage is greatly appreciated.


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